Cranberry Eagle July 14, 2021

21st Jul 2021

'Personalized Shopping'

Zelienople Shoetique knows shoes, accessories

By Alex J. Weidenhof
Eagle Staff Writer

Describing her business as a "tiny little shop with a very helpful, personalized shopping experience," Kelly Carney, of Eva Bryn Shoetique in Zelienople, said the return to work and social events following COVID-19 -- combined with her store's shopping experience -- has led to a large leap in business.

It starts with having employees who know as much about shoes, Carney said.

"Our staff is trained in the type of brands we carry and helping customers get a good fit for their shoes," she said.  "We carry really well-made brands, and our people get the good fit."

Not only that, but because the shoetique carries accessories, purses, belts, jewelry as well -- and because the staff help shoppers coordinate their look with a bag or jacket -- Carney said the boost in social occasions has had a requisite boost in patronage.

"After a year of being pretty quiet without events, we have a huge number of women coming in for shoes for a wedding, and they're looking for shoes and a matching handbag, that type of thing," Carney said.

Speaking of a year without events, the online-shopping habits some people may have formed during stay-at-home lockdowns aren't quite conducive to getting good shoes.

With so many brands and styles out there, it's important to try shoes on to ensure they fit, Carney said.

"that's why it's so great to come in here, because our staff knows how every shoe fits you differently," she said.

During Horse Trading Days, the shoetique, which will celebrate three years of business in August -- "which is huge considering this past year," Carney said -- will have lots of its spring and summer shoes on sale in preparation for making space for all the fall and winter footwear coming.

And, even if window-shopping is more someone's speed, they're sure to be delighted, Carney said.

"That's one thing our shop is known for: having beautiful windows," she said.